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nameExport OneNote Notebooks ADA Compliant.docx
ADA Compliant Document

  1. Click File
  2. Click Export
  3. You will be presented with an option of what you want to export:
    1. A page: one specific page of  content
    2. Image Modified
    3. A section: these are the tabs along the top of the screen
    4. Image Modified
    5. Notebook: this is the sum total of the tabs and pages in a Notebook
    6. Image Modified
  4. Select the Format you wish to export
    1. If you are sharing the OneNote with someone else export as a OneNote File
    2. If you are ok with non-editable version simply for reference, export as PDF for the ease of transferability
    3. If you are unsure of the need to edit and manipulate the output export as a Word Document
  5. Then select Export
  6. A standard dialog box will pop up asking what you wish to name the export file and where you want to store it
  7. Now take the file and share or copy as needed.