ADA Compliant Document

How to attach a folder in Outlook

1. Open File Explorer (also known as Windows Explorer and Explorer) and locate the folder that you want to attach.
2. Right-click on the folder you want to attach.
3. Hover your cursor over "Sent to" and click on "Compressed (zipped) folder." 
 This process compresses the folder so that it can be emailed.
4. Double-check that the compression has completed and that you have a new folder. 
 Your compressed folder will have a zipper icon.
5. Open Outlook and create a "New message." 
6. Click on the paperclip icon in your message window and click "Upload and share." 
The paperclip icon is located next to the trash button.
7. Locate your compressed folder in the pop-up window that appears. 
8. Select the compressed folder once you've located it and click "Open." 
You may need to go to the correct location on your computer if the upload window doesn't open to it.
9. If you receive a message that reads, "We're having trouble loading your folder," choose "Change location."
This link will be in blue beneath the message.
10. Click "Upload" and attach the compressed folder. 
11. The compressed folder will appear attached to your email.